Monday, October 17, 2016
Wow. I'm now 23

Wow. Much has changed since my last entry post on this blog and I'm so speechless all I can say is wow.

Reread all my entries and oh my god how much I've changed.

I was 15 then and now I'm 23. I can't imagine. 8years. 8 fucking years.

So much has changed. For starters, I'm currently working and have been working for 3 years now. I'm dancing too so I guess you could say I live a double life. A double life for the sleepy girl.

Yes, I've become quite a sleepyhead. Haven't watched dramas much and haven't read books much. All I do is work dance eat sleep, repeat. Haha!

Since my last entry post, I've liked and loved quite a handful of people. Lost some of them and gained a lot too.

It's been 8 years lost of memories and thoughts and I can't contain the excitement of typing them down. I have actually come to a point in my life where I definitely need to lay out my thoughts and organize.

Once again, I'm feeling so alone. It's so weird feeling this way when I'm surrounded by so many people.

I'm now doing what I love the most (dancing). But my life is far from perfect. I'm in a shitty relationship and people are a mess and I'm a mess and I don't know what I want with my life 10 years from now.

I'm living by the day yet I don't know where I'm going and reading back, I still have the same problems as when I was 15.

I still hate my moody self and I don't know about the future. I think I'm going to be single for life cause my best friend and the person who I'm most comfortable with, is now far from me and we've grown apart.

But it is too early for a quarter life crisis isn't it? I have so much to say but I'm so out of words.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
*wave* :)

Annyeong~! Konnichiwa~! Ni Hao! ^.^

omg. i'm so sorry for not updating this blog that much these days. T.T (well, actually for the past MONTHSSSS) i'm so sorry. been caught up with school stuff. but YAY! i finally updated NOW :))

so anywaay, even though i didn't update this blog very much, i've still inserted watching dramas into my somewhat tight-ish schedule. *fireworks*

that keeps me going. it's my fuel. my drive to survive this reality called life.

ugh. anyway, enough with the drama. imma update you now on what's up with my To-Do List.

For these past days, i've watched:

- Rolling Love
- Sweet 18
- 200 pounds of beauty
- A Millionaire's First Love
- My Boyfriend is Type B
- Fated to Love You
- Zettai Kareshi
- Taiyou no Uta

yeah, i knoow. i've been quite productive with my Watch List. actually I'm still thinking of adding more stuff that I want to share with you on my side section, aside from what i'm planning to watch and who I'm currently spazzing on right now. :\ so I'm still thinking of what to put buut, for now..

I updated it a bit. i'm so sorry but my manga reading is getting slower due to Onemanga's mangas gone. TT.TT and my anime watching too. i'm so sorry. but you'll be happy with dramas right?? :)

I'll include my Future Watch List for Now after I watch the ones in my Side Section. :)
*subject to changes

- Slow Dance
- Sotsu Uta
- Oh! My Girl!

- Woody Sambo
- Marry Me / Let's get married
- At Dolphin Bay

- My Name is Kim Sam Soon
- Oh! My Lady!
- Personal Preference

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
random rant.

I came across a blog of someone i know. Well, actually a guy I kinda like (HAHA).

so there, i kindof stalked him and read some of his posts. well, he's a classical person if i may say so. I thought I was the only person here in the dorm who had a sort of affinity for anything classical. I play classical pieces on piano and it kinda disturbed me before that i didn't know anything contemporary for that matter. It was kinda sad. and then, I dance ballet, which for goodness sake, is a classical art. BUT I LOVE WHAT I'M DOING.

When i read his blog, i imagined him writing and creating these poems in his head. it's just awesome. well, before, i kinda wanted to write but then i lack the inspiration to become a writer so there. END OF WRITER DREAM. hahah!

well, so yeah. he's just awesome. real awesome. i don't know what i'll do if i get to talk to him. i'd feel like i'm talking to someone high and mighty.

sooooo. okayy, END.

next thing i wanna rant about is that there's this friend of mine. she has a way with guys i presume. hahha! but yea, she knew that i liked this one guy and yes, this one guy's the guy in the above part of this entry. hahah!

and well, i don't know. maybe it's just cause we girls are gifted with this 6th sense or something but i do think she likes him also.

ever had that experience that when your friend tells you she likes someone, you, although not on purpose, you kindof act cute around that guy too. i know. it's HORRIBLE. i found myself doing that and when i became aware, i thought i was very horrible too. that's why i've distanced myself to any love story my friend goes in. and i've been really secretive about my own love story too. those fragile issues. they're so delicate.

but sadly, well not really sadly, but please do get what i mean. i told her i liked this guy. i don't know but maybe that theory of mine is true. they were kinda close, maybe that was why i told her. yeah, horrible i know, using people. so yea, she knew, and they were close. i never got to befriend the guy. ah well. so pitiful.

so recently the guy gave her a present and well, guess what. she announced it to the whole world that the guy gave her a present. what luck.

so there, i was alright about her receiving a present from the guy buuut, announcing it to the whole world is a different story.

bitchy or not but that's what i think.

anyhow, i haven't time for that. and lately, she has been asking about how me and the guy are doing. WTF. we aren't even friends and you ask us that? AH WELL. people.

people are weird.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010
bumming! :))

my oh my! haven't been updating my blog these days (?? months??) hahah! =)) anywaay, i have been updating my side section so don't worry if i don't write that much! :) it's always(?) updated with what i want to watch. hahah! =)) anywaay, i have been attending summer school since it is required by my course. *groan*, so there, i have been bumming here in the dormitory after class. and since the load isn't very heavy, i had the spare time to watch my beautiful dramas, anime and read my pretty mangas too. hahah!=)) so there. :)) anywaay, with my personal life, i actually don't know what i'm doing with it! :| hahah! but i'm looking forward to a block outing this weekend! :)))) anywaay, today i met up with a person i actually miss! he's one of the close friends i have in college and it was really nice to see him again!! :)))) we bonded a little so im kinda happy! :)) hahah! so there, i'll try as best as i could to update this blog regularly. hahah! now playing: telephone by lady gaga ft beyonce

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Monday, December 28, 2009
welcome 2010! :)

okaay. i seriously think this is gonna be my last post for the YEAR!

why?? 'cause of the simple reason that my family and i are goin to celebrate the new year in Manila. :( actually, i should be happy. i mean, it's different from our usual new year's itenerary wherein we stay at home. it's gonna be in a diffrent place BUT.. my heart oh-so doesn't want to spend time over there!

i study there so why not spend more time in the very place i grew up in?? :(

i would be more than willing to stay behind but then, *sigh*..

anywaaaay, i'm glad i saw a lot of people during my stay. i was able to meet up with my HS classmates, former ballet classmates and some other people. hahah! :D oh well, i guess that alone, could make me smile. :)

anywaaay, i would be anxiously looking forward to summer break!!! i SWEAR!! i'd surely create long-lasting memories!!!! :))

so, a thank-you-goodbye-toast to 2009! and a welcome-toast to 2010!! :))

i hope for a more fruitful year!! :)

now playing: on and on by stephen bishop

*i had the sudden urge to listen to those old songs! haha! ;P*

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i am so glad i'd be able to see my wonderful cousins again after a loooooong time, like 2 months. hahahaha! :))

anyway, i really do miss them! we'll be having a Christmas Party later. cool eh?? i look forward to having fun! :)

then, on saturday! i'll be able to see most of my HS classmates again!!! ureshii~ *v*

then i just received such get-out-of-your-seat-jump-high-say-YEEEEAAAAAAH!-kind-of-news from my ENGLISH teacher!!!

she' moving the deadline for our requirements from monday to wednesday!!!

i know, it ain't muich but.... HEY!

i have 2 days more to cram on it! bwahahaha! ::D HELL YEEEAAAH!! :)

now, this is such a happy day!! i feel blessed already! OH YEAH! :D

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Monday, December 21, 2009
direction...-less. :(

okaaay, so i'm already in the second semester of college YET..

i don't know. i feel like i don't belong in THAT place. i don't even feel like i belong within my block. I feel so out of place. they're all so united, so friendly with each other and stuff. when we all get together, i feel sooooooo whatever. i feel like i'm being choked. all i do is sit still, smile on their jokes and greet them hi, hello. we're just mere acquiantances.

i so want to go back to high school!!! or can i just study in the school my high school classmates are studying??? :((((((((

i've become introverted the moment i enetered college. back in high school, i was such an extrovert. joining this thing while joining another. practically, i was such a busybody. i had really cool and awesome friends who were there for me everytime. we were really CLOSE, not like now..... :( they're the sweetest ever.

the moment i look back, i remember, i always had my hands full on any activity i was good at.

i KNOW i'm NOT supposed to compare college and high school 'cause they're different, bla bla bla....

but then, i can't help think.

in high school, i had an inkling of what i want to do. my dreams were concrete in front of me. my hobbies, my likes, my dislikes, they were right in front of me. i know what they are.

but in college! i think i've become such a different person. what i want to become has become blurred in my mind. my dreams are all fogged up by doubt and hesitation. i don't know where i'm going. :(

sometimes, i feel envious that my friends know what they wanna become. i feel envious everytime they say "in the future, i'll be your doctor" or "you'll see, i'll make the best car the moment i graduate" or "i'll be the architect for your house" or "after this, i'll proceed to law".

they're so lucky to know what they want to do. :((

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Thursday, October 01, 2009
fun and fulfilling day!

good morning world! :D

it's october 1 already. hihihi! :D such sad news engulfed me today, oh, i mean, yesterday sorta like a few hours ago. :P. :|

our classes will be extended! :(( they made me look forward for sem break but then they break my heart saying they'll extend the classes. such a sad thing! :((

all my wonderful plans will be in vain! gaaaaah! :||

sheeeesh! i was really anticipating sembreak. huhuhuhuhu. :||||||||||

so disappointing. :| and due to this disappointment, me and 3 of my friends went to starbucks to drown ourself in this misery. tsk. :|

misery was the drive for us to go to starbucks but when we arrived there, we were already happy. haha! :D

we had vain moments in starbucks. hahaha! in the CR, in our seats. hahahaha! :D i think we would have looked silly back then. hahaha! plus we changed our names into something else. like me, i used "karylle". hahahaha! :D another used "aubry, another "maui" and the other "roxanne". haha! *did you figure out the category?? :P* anyway, i think my face doesn't suit my name. :P

i'm thinking i should use a japanese name or chinese name or korean name, then fake broken/accented english. :P hahaha! i am proud to say, i'm good at that. wahahaha! i can copy their accent. bwahahaha! >:D *i should try that sometime!* :P

then after that, we were high on caffeine so we went to the college cov courts and did some volunteer work for packing the relief goods for the victims of the ondoy storm. :)

PLUS! i saw...... *kyaaaaaa!!!! :")* that was my reward for being a good girl! 0:)

so cool eh?? t'was fun and fulfilling day!!! :DD

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i got news! we won't have classes for a WEEK. :D our classes will resume this monday. weee! :D

but then it's not the time to be rejoicing since the reason for this good news is the storm that hit us last Saturday. :|

many families were really affected by the storm and lost most of their valuables and are now reduced to abject poverty.

good thing, the sun shined already and this little "vacation" is laid for the packing of relief goods here in the Ateneo for those affected by the storm, Ondoy.

it really feels satisfying once you are able to help and once you think that the little things you did in the cov. courts can already help people. :)

today, i helped in collecting goods for our dorm maintenance who were affected by the storm. i feel warm inside knowing that we can help those people who keep the place we live, the dorms, clean, those we bump into everyday in the dorms. it's like a little repayment for the services they have offered to us dormers. :D

anywaaay, i have 2 papers, 1 report, 1 novel, 1 story and 1 long test to accomplish and prepare for the next week. :| soo many. -.-

right now, i'm hoping that the semestral break won't be moved and won't be affected since i already have a ticket for going home!!! :|

i hope they'll retain the schedules as is. *hoping* :|

now playing: ku cha by bang bang tang and hei se hui mei mei

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Saturday, September 26, 2009
rain rain go away...

okaaaay. :| today was a scary day! *uweeh~! :S

well it's because in the duration of the day, rain just poured heavily. it really was storming. :|

i supposedly planned on going to Katipunan today ang have my grocery done 'cause i don't have any food ANYMORE!! :((

but since it was raining cats and dogs, i decided not to go. it was a good decision, really. cause shortly, i learned that it was already flooding outside. :|

*wheew* if i had decided to go, still, i would have been stranded there. uweeh~! thank you Lord! 0:)

aanywaay, aside from that i was really thankful that my dad's flight to manila was cancelled. because it would have hadcontinued the flight, they would've had a hard time landing since the wind was really strong.-.-

i could see from my room's window the trees swaying strongly and the wind howling. uwaaa! it was so scary and it was accompanied by the thought that my dad is on an airplane during that dreadful moment! uwaaaa~! but, fortunately, the flight was cancelled, so i was able to breathe again. *thank you Lord! 0:)

so the whole day, i hadn't done anything productive. with regards to schoolwork that is. :D but i was able to finish tantei gakuen q!! :D cool eh?? now that's productive, in my point of view. haha! :D

but seriously, tomorrow, i'm not gonna watch any drama and/or anime!!! :|

i really should be doing school stuff right now but uweee~! i'm watching dramas. eek! :| sooo, i absolutely must not watch dramas/anime or do anything recreational for that matter! haha! :D

anyway, i updated my JDrama to watch, and girl and guy of the moment! :D kekeke. :D

now playing: my place by nelly ft. jaheim

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